Drascombe Longboat

For Sale £6950

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My Drascombe Longboat No 378 for sale

A sturdy example of a longboat constructed by Honnor Marine of Totnes. The Longboat has received a number of upgrades by Churchouse Boats and other subsequent improvements.

Serviced 2-stroke 8hp Johnson outboard  included.

Shown sailing in the 2011 Caledonian Raid from Fort William to Inverness.



Churchouse Upgrades:

  • New centre board
  • New teak outboard mounting & capping for centre board casing & rudder casing
  • New Iroko keel
  • Buoyancy upgrade
  • All the above now with stainless steel mountings & fastenings


Other Improvements:

  • Overall cover & cockpit covers replaced
  • Galvanised tilting cradle trolley 2011
  • New Whale bilge pump relocated to after-deck
  • New teak tiller extension, new mainsheet & assorted stainless steel shackles.
  • Varnish stripped on any original teak and now oiled
  • Parrel sail bead strings provided